The Scanner tool helps you find and filter stocks that meet your specific criteria, allowing you to discover trade opportunities based on your respective trading strategies with ease.

Along with the Scanner, users would also have access to the following tools on the same page displaying relevant data for the stocks they have scanned:

  • Stock Chart

  • Real-time News

  • Key Stats

  • History

Having all of these tools housed under one page showing both real-time and historical data allows users to be more efficient, more productive and most importantly grants them the ability to react to the market instantaneously – giving them an Edge To Trade.

Why People Need This Scanner

The scanner tool allows you to input a criterion based on more than 200 filters to effortlessly find your target stocks with patterns that suit your strategy.

You can create multiple scans for individual strategies and save them in different tabs to seamlessly switch from one strategy to another and simply resume trading the next day with the same filters in place populating new stocks that now fit your criteria.

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