For Backtesting

Getting started guide for backtesting

The history page gives you access to flilter stocks in the past based on 900+ filters that all revolve around Day[1] or the "active day".

To effectively use the history page you need to remember:

  • Day [1] is the active day

  • Day [-1] is the day before the active day

  • Day [2] is the day after the active day

You can compare any metric to either a set value, ie Day[1] Gap % > 30, or to another metric, ie Day[1] High > Day[1] Premarket High. Alongside Day[-1] and Day [2], the same goes for 5 days before and 5 days after the active day.

Here is a simple example with the following scanning criteria:

  • Date: Last 90 Days

  • Day [1] Open: Price between $2 - $15

  • Day [1] Gap %: Greater than 20%

  • Day [1] Volume: Greater than 2,000,000

  • Share Type: Equals Common Stock

In the following articles, we will be reviewing different ways to scan for different criteria to give an in-depth introduction to the history page. If you ever wonder what are all of the filters that can be used on the history page, please refer to the history definitions page.

Feedback: Send us feedback on your experience with the history page or any filters you would be interested in using in the future. We believe the learning curve to use the history page is light, but we also created the page!

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