An introduction to Edge to Trade for financial research and backtesting.

Good to know: Our goal is to give retail traders an edge with access to the highest quality of data for scanning and backtesting historical stock performance. Reach out to us via chat or email if you ever have any questions about anything. We are always looking to meet awesome folks.

Before getting started, here are some reviews that highlight some of the capabilities of Edge to Trade.

Trading is about having an edge. Each morning I prepare my watchlist by using realtime scanners of Edgetotrade. For each stock I will check charts, dilution, stats & data in order to create a morning plan. It is easy to use but at the same time professional and since I have integrated Edgetotrade, my trading decisions have improved.

— From Jtrader

Edge to trade is my one and only place to prepare my trade plan. Gap stats, showing of charts from each gaps, filings, graphical views of everything you can imagine. No other application gives this much edge.

— From Carlfred

Getting Started

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For Backtesting

Feedback: Simply put, we take feedback very seriously. Send us feedback on your experience with Edge to Trade or send us a message with any features you recommend to improve the functionality of the application. We are constantly looking and feedback is always welcome.

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