Charting Overview And Settings

The Chart Component allows users to analyze the fluctuations in stock prices. On the platform, there are multiple charting features which assist users in performing various types of analyses. These charts include:

  • Today’s Chart: This provides real-time stock price movements and indications.

  • Linked Date Chart: This presents price movements in the stock market on a selected linked date (This feature is elaborated below).

  • Selected Date Chart: This allows users access to charts on a specific historical date.

Here are the instructions on how to use charts on the platform:

  1. Add the chart component to your layout using the + Add Component feature on the platform.

  1. This is a Chart displaying the stock price trends for a particular stock.

  1. One of the features of the chart is the Date feature that grants users access to the three charting options i.e., Today’s Chart, Linked Date Chart, and Select Date Chart. You can select any of these three options based on your trading strategy.

Linked Date Chart:

The Linked Date option allows users to seamlessly view the chart for a particular date that is linked with another component. As the name suggests, the chart will automatically change to reflect a chart for that particular linked date.

To select the Linked Date Chart, Click on the Linked Date option. Then Click GO.

Here are the instructions and on how to use the Linked Date:

  1. From + Add Components choose the History Component and click on the  Records to access the historical dates.

  1. In the screenshot below, you can see the historical dates available for the current stock. If you click on any of these historical dates, you will observe that the chart changes from Today to reflect a chart of that specific date.

2.1. The Chart before clicking on any historical date:

2.2. The chart after clicking on a historical date:

  1. If you want to reverse that action and view the real-time chart again. Click on the Reset button on the Chart.

  1. Another way to reset the Chart to real-time is by clicking on any real-time stock on the Scanner Component and your Chart will revert back to Today. While you are in the Linked Date option of the Date Feature, you can switch between historical and real-time charts by clicking on any linked component. In our example, the History and Scanner components showing historical and real-time charts respectively.

The platform has provided this feature to seamlessly switch between historical and real-time charts.

Today Chart:

If you select Today in the Date Feature, the chart will show you the real-time prices of a stock and will not change even if you click on any historical dates from a linked component.

To select the Today Chart, Click on the Linked Date option. Then Click GO.

Once you select Today, the Chart will keep displaying real-time trends even if you click on any historical date from the History Component.

Select Date Chart:

The Select Date Chart option allows you to set a particular historical date for your chart. When you choose this option, you cannot view real-time or historical charts even if you click on the history or scanner components.

To set the Select Date Chart, Click on the Date Button on the top right-hand corner of the chart and select a date in the 'Select Date' option. Once you have set a date, Click Go.

Now, if you click on any real-time stock ticker in the Scanner component, the chart will present the trend of that stock on your selected date.

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