How to apply filters on the Scanner Page

On the Scanner Page you can either filter for stocks based on our preset default filters or apply your own filters to create a custom scan. Here are the instructions on how to apply your custom filters:

  1. Go to the Scanner Page. Click on Filters.

  1. Under the Customize Filters section, click on ‘Create New’. Then click on the first field to begin creating your custom scan.

  1. Here you can either search for a metric in the ‘Search Metrics’ bar or browse through the Column Groups to select any metric. The metrics are divided into categories such as Real-Time filters (Day 1 filters), Financials. Historical (Previous Days) etc.

  2. Definitions with example scenarios of each metric can be seen by clicking on the question mark icon next to them.

  1. After selecting a metric, you can customize the output by choosing whether you want your stocks to be greater than, less than, or between the value(s) you input.

  1. Similarly, you can add multiple metrics to base your scan on by clicking on ‘Add Filter’. Once done, click on ‘Apply’ at the bottom of your screen.

  2. Your results will then display all the stocks that fit your criteria as highlighted in Green Below. If you click on any stock, all of the tools available on the right will then change to reflect data specific to the stock you have selected.

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