How To Customize Your Scanner Columns

Using the Columns Tab, you can custom select the metrics you want displayed next to your stocks on the Scanner Page.

Here are the instructions on how to customize your Scanner Columns:

  1. Go to the Scanner Page. Click on the Columns Tab to open a list of available metrics. You can handpick the ones that align with your trading strategies, such as price, volume, percentage change, and many others.

  1. Here you can either search for a metric in the ‘Search Metrics’ bar or browse through the Column Groups to select any metric.

  1. Once you have selected the metrics you want, you can save this layout. This customization ensures that you always see the information that matters most to you when you log in.

  2. You can also customize the order you want your metrics to be displayed in by grabbing a metric under the ‘Selected Columns’ heading and arranging them as desired.

  1. Each metric column on your Scanner offers sorting options. Once you have selected and arranged your Columns, you can sort the data by clicking on the Column Heading in the following orders:

Ascending: Lowest to Highest

Descending: Highest to Lowest

Absolute Value: For metrics like percentage change, you can sort by absolute value. This brings the stocks with the most significant movement — up or down — to the top of your list, which is crucial for spotting volatility and momentum.

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