How To Manage Layouts And Add Components

On the platform, you can customize your own layout. The platform features a grid layout which allows you to choose and add several components to a single layout. This customization allows users to view multiple components and their metrics on a single layout and further customize their grid as per their requirements.

Here are the instructions on how to set manage your layouts and add components:

Adding Components

  1. One any page of the platform, Click on Add Component.

  1. A + sign will appear on the screen. When you click on this sign, a list of components will appear from which you can choose the component(s) you want displayed on your screen.

  1. You can then choose any of the six components. We have selected the Scanner component below as an example.

  1. The Scanner Component will then be added to your layout.

You can repeat the same steps in order (1 to 4) to add additional components and create your custom screen.

  1. Once you have inserted your component(s), you can customize the layout (Horizontally/Vertically) by dragging individual components. Position the cursor over the specified location on any individual component as depicted below. This enables you to customize the orientation of a component by simply dragging it using the cursor.

  1. In the example below we have changed the orientation of our layout and now the two components are in landscape orientation.

  1. Similarly, you can also drag around different Layouts on the platform and reorder them as desired.

How To Create New Layouts:

  1. Click on Layout on the top right-hand corner of the screen. Once you click on that, a drop-down menu will appear.

  1. After you click on + Create Layout a new menu will appear. Here you can choose between our preset Default, News and Overview layouts.

  1. Finally, you can manage your layouts and perform actions like Copy (Using symbol highlighted by the green box), Rename (Using symbol highlighted by the blue box), or Delete (Using symbol highlighted by the red box) an existing layout.

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