How To Scan For Top Gappers

Gappers are stocks that show significant price movement either up or down in the premarket trading hours compared to their previous day’s closing price.

This movement, known as "gapping", often occurs due to new information or events affecting the stock during the premarket hours, such as earnings reports, significant corporate announcements, or macroeconomic events.

As a Day Trader you may be interested in ‘Top gappers’ as these stocks usually exhibit high volatility and momentum, which are attractive traits for making quick and substantial profits within a single trading day.

These short-term price fluctuations increase liquidity, and present multiple trading opportunities which Day Traders can capitalize on based on their trading strategies.

Here are the instructions on how to identify Top Gappers using the Scanner Tool:

1) Navigate to the ‘Filters page’ of your scanner.

  1. Click on ‘Add Filter’. Here, you can utilize the Column Group titled ‘Day 1 Premarket’ to apply filters that help identify the Top Gappers.

  1. Here is an example Criterion you can set to Identify Top Gappers:

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