How To Use The Symbol Linking Feature

The Symbol linking feature allows users to link different components together.

This feature helps maintain consistency across the platform and optimize your workflow as when you select a stock on any one component, all the linked components would dynamically change together reflecting information for the same stock you selected. All with a single click.

Here are the instructions on how to use the Symbol linking Tool:

  1. The Symbol Linking tool can be accessed through the highlighted icon which is available on the top right-hand corner of every individual component.

  1. After you click on this symbol, a drop-down menu will appear presenting you with the symbol options[MH1] in five different colors. These colors are consistent across the platform and serve as the link between the components. You can group components by assigning the same color to them.

  1. In the screenshot below all the six components displayed in the layout have a “White” symbol color, which means all of these are selected as “On Change”.

The “On Change” preference of linking is unique as it responds to a selection made in EVERY Color Code on the platform. To put it simply:

3.1. Red-Coded Components would only respond to selections made in Red-Coded components. Similarly, Blue -Coded Components would only respond to selections made in Blue-Coded components. This holds true for all Colored Linkings.

3.2. The On Change Code, however, would respond to a selection made in any of the Colored Codes (Blue/Red/Green/Yellow).

Let’s take a look at a couple of examples below:

  1. Example 1: Notice that 3 components are linked with the ‘Blue’ colored symbol while the 4th component is set to the “On Change” linking preference.

As we selected the LUCY stock in one of the Blue-Coded components, the On Change component changed along with all of the Blue-Coded components to show information on the LUCY stock.

  1. Example 2: The two components on the left are linked by Green-Coded symbols. However, the third component on the right (Red) is not linked with any component on this layout. In this case, as we click on the TKLF stock on the scanner, the chart will modify accordingly. At the same time, the history component on the right does not change.

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