How To View Stocks That Fit Your Current Scanning Criteria In The Past (History)

You can apply your scanning criteria to a historical date to understand how the criteria you have selected performed in the past.

This tool allows users to analyze their current trading strategy by scanning those historical stocks and viewing their charts to understand whether their current strategy would have been successful or not.

Here are the instructions on how to filter for historical stocks:

  1. Click on the Clock icon (History) on the scanner page. (Note that it says ‘today’ on the top of your screen which reflects that your results are currently displaying stocks that fit your criteria in today’s market.)

  1. In the calendar that pops up, you can either type in a historical date or select a date from the available options in the calendar.

  1. Once you select a date, click outside the calendar to apply the filter. (Note that ‘today’ will be changed to now reflect the date you have selected.)

  1. Notice, that your results will now display new stocks that were not part of your earlier scan.

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