Key Stats Component Overview

The Key Stats component on the platform provides a comprehensive yet concise snapshot of the key metrics of a particular stock. This feature is designed to offer traders a quick and clear understanding of a stock's fundamental aspects.

These metrics are divided into two columns:

  1. General Info: This includes metrics such as Market Cap, Shares Out, Insider Own % etc.

  2. Financials: This covers financial metrics sourced from the company’s financial statements such Revenue, Current Ratio, Working Capital etc.

The tool is essential for traders who need to quickly assess a stock’s fundamental metrics and make informed decisions without the need to dive into extensive reports.

Customizable Display:

The Key Stats component allows for extensive customization. Users can customize the key metrics they want displayed in this component from a range of options. This ability to customize the displayed metrics ensures that users see the information that is most relevant to them, supporting more effective strategy implementation.

Refer to the help page titled: ‘Key Stats Columns’ for instructions on how to customize your columns on this component.

Here are the instructions on how to access the Key Stats Component:

  1. Click on Add Component. Select the Key Stats Component.

  1. Once the Key Stats Component is added. Click on any Stock located inside a linked Component and the Key Stats Component will change to reflect information for that Stock. In the example below, we have selected a Stock from the Scanner Component.

  1. Alternatively, you can use the search bar at the top left to Search for a specific stock. Then Press Enter. Key Stats for your selected stock will be displayed.

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