News Overview & Filters

The News component is a versatile tool that allows users to stay informed about the latest news related to the stocks they are tracking. Our News Component ensures that you receive relevant, specific, and insightful news based on your selected criteria.

Users can link their Scanner profiles with the News component to display real-time news relevant to the real-time stocks that meet their Scanner criteria. Users can then switch between their Scanner Profiles and the News Component seamlessly updates to show news relevant to the stocks within each specific criterion.

Here are the instructions on how to Apply Filters to your News Component:

  1. Click on Add Component and Add the News Component.

  1. Click on Filters.

  1. Your Scanner filters will appear. Here, you can either select one of your Saved Scanner profiles or Create a New Scanner Profile. Then Click Apply. As an example, we have selected a Small Cap Profile.

  1. The News Component will then update to reflect News for stocks that meet the requirements of your Scanner Profile. To help visualize this we have added a Scanner Component for the Small Cap profile alongside News.

Notice, that both the Scanner and the News Component are displaying data for the same stocks.

  1. You can then Adjust the columns on the News Component based on your requirements. For detailed instructions refer to : 'How To Customize Your Scanner Columns' (link).

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