News R Score Feature

The R Score – also known as Recycled News Score allows users to identify the artificial manipulation of stocks – when redundant and repetitive news is recirculated into the market. The identification and clarification of this type of news is imperative in the world of Day Trading where traders make split-second decisions based on new information.

This artificial manipulation of stocks often results in traders making a wrong move based on old information under the guise of receiving new updates and results in huge losses for the trader. The R Score feature on the platform helps you avoid this pitfall by highlighting recycled news, ensuring you always act on the freshest information.

The R Score is ranked from 0 to 1 and it is highly recommended to verify the entire news report before making a decision when R scores are higher than 0.3.

Using the R Score: Example Scenario

Let’s say you are tracking news for a stock, "ABC Group" which you believe has strong potential. You see a headline about a major product launch from ABC Group. This news appears to be groundbreaking, and you are considering making a trade based on this information to capitalize on the potential surge in stock price.

However, you notice that the R Score for this news article is high and decide to investigate similar articles using the R Score feature. Your investigation shows that this product launch was originally announced six months ago and has resurfaced due to recent discussions on social media and blogs. Despite the seemingly fresh headline, the information is old and has already been factored into the stock's price.

This discovery helps you avoid making a potentially costly decision based on outdated information and allows you to focus on other stocks in your portfolio – saving you both monetary and opportunity cost.

Hence, the R Score enables us to:

  • Identify Old News: The high R Score flagged the news as potentially recycled.

  • Avoid Poor Trading Decisions: You recognized the news was not new, avoiding a trade based on stale information.

  • Focus on Current Information: You redirected your focus to finding the latest news.

Here are the instructions on how to use the R Score Feature:

  1. The R Score is located above the headline of News reports.

  1. To investigate a particular R Score, Click on the R Score.

  1. The platform will now populate similar articles on the same stock published in the past.

Note that the similar article(s) will have the publish date and time mentioned. You can then open these links to study and verify the novelty of the news under suspicion.

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