Scanner Filters ‘OR’ Grouping

The ‘OR’ Grouping feature in the Scanner Filters allows users to set flexible filters for their scanning criteria.

How the 'OR' Filter Works:

When you set up multiple criteria with the 'OR' filter, the scanner will include stocks that meet any of those conditions. This means you're broadening your search to catch more potential opportunities.

For instance, in the screenshot below we have two metrics set up.

High %: This refers to the stocks that have surged to more than 20% above their previous close during the regular market hours.

PM High %: This points to stocks that have climbed to more than 20% in premarket trading before the market opens.

Using the 'OR' filter between these conditions, the platform will scan for stocks that have either had a high spike in price during regular hours (High % >= 20%) or have seen a significant increase before the market opened (PM High % >= 20%).

This allows users to not miss out on stocks that performed exceptionally well in either scenario.

Why Use the 'OR' Filter?

Expansive Search: You can capture a wider array of stocks that might be on the move, increasing your chances of finding high-potential trades.

Versatility: Tailor your search to your trading strategy. Whether you're interested in premarket movers or regular hour spikes, you won't be restricted.

Efficiency: Instead of setting separate searches for each metric, you combine them into one, saving time and streamlining your research.


Here are the instructions on how to use the ‘OR’ Grouping feature:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Filters page’ of your scanner.

  2. To add an ‘OR’ Grouping to any of your filters. Click on the ‘OR’ button next to your filter.

  1. Select another metric and its parameters as desired.

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