The Time-Slice feature available in the Scanner filters allows you to set dynamic filters that change depending on what time of day it is.

Using this tool you can preset your filters in advance, and the scanner will then apply different parameters on the same filter as the day progresses. Test

This tool is designed to remove inefficiencies in your workflow, allowing you to focus solely on your trades by reducing the back-and-forth of frequently having to adjust your filters throughout the day.

Here are the instructions on how to use The Time-Slice Feature:

  1. Go to the Filters section on the Scanner component

  1. The Clock icon next to each metric is the Time-Slice Feature.

  1. To apply a time-slice, click on the Clock icon next to the metric you want to apply this feature on.

  2. You can either manually enter a Time Range or Click on the bracketed Clock icon to choose an available time slot from the dropdown. Then input your desired parameters for that particular time slot next to it.

  1. Similarly, you can add multiple time slices with their respective time slots and parameters on each individual metric as shown below:

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