Layout Manager

The Layout Grid Manager is a powerful tool that gives users the ability to create and manage layout grids on a page. With this tool, users can add and remove components, as well as drag and resize components to create the perfect layout for their needs.

Layout Tabs

The Active Layouts tab shows all currently active layouts. Users can switch between layouts by clicking on the layout name. The Layouts button provides access to all layout options. Users can create new layouts, rename or delete existing layouts, and/or choose from a variety of predefined layouts to get started quickly.


The Add Component button allows users to select where and what kind of component they want to add to the layout. Users can choose from a variety of components, including Top Lists, News, Key Stats, and more. Once a component is added to the layout, users can drag and resize it as needed by clicking and dragging the title bar of the component and by clicking and dragging any edge of the component.

Linking Options

The Layout Grid Manager includes several linking options to help users create more advanced layouts:


Users can assign a color to a component to link it to other components with the same color. For example, users can link all components with a blue color, so that when the ticker on one component changes, all linked components with the same color will also change to the same color.


The On-Change option allows users to listen for changes in any linked component. When a user activates a ticker on the page, all components listed as "on-change" will listen for changes and adjust accordingly.

With the Layout Grid Manager, users have the flexibility and control they need to create dynamic and responsive layouts quickly and easily.

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